A question of honesty!

As a nation the UK prides itself as almost the sole founder of the pure democratic state with no written constitution, a supported monarchy and subject to the rules of Parliament and the Judiciary. All these years of democratic evolution are now at risk. The current Prime Minister is attempting to alter the rules of Parliament and in so doing trivialise the idea of TRUTH.

Boris Johnson acts as a privileged bully who flouts the rules, is at least, economic with the truth careless about responsible government and a populist clown. Yes, he can be charming, yes he can be witty, yes he can make us laugh. Make no mistake, this joking clown may well undo centuries of evolved democracy.

The idea that the Tory party is any way hesitant in removing Johnson risks the demise of its very existence. The average man in the street may be relaxed about politics but when the chips are down, the Brits really do care about their Government, its competence and its reliability. Yes, there is a distrust of the body politic, but it has been a healthy cynicism. Comfortable in the knowledge that they will be given wise governance and above all the truth.

There have been mistakes, some of them grave, but these mistakes have been made pursuing what those leaders believed was true. (It may not have been – WoMD etc.) Even when shades of grey coloured judgement the people believed their leaders had conviction.

Boris Johnson fails at every level, as a journalist once chastised for printing inaccuracies, as Foreign Secretary jollying five years of the lovely Nazanin Zaghary-Ratcliffe life through mindless carelessness, to party-gate and misleading parliament. This man is plainly unworthy to lead a political party, and even less so to lead the country.

Yes, he has presided over corvid and the Ukraine war, he has made big gestures, some of them beneficial, but he has consistently not respected the truth. He must go!


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