For those who grew up in 2018

My Mum – a lament.

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, I never understood,

till now, when a light has gone out,

and yet, I see a light in the darkness.

Perhaps for the first time, I see anew.

As I saw the light, when despite the pain,

she pushed me into the world.  She gave me life.

She suckled me, she held me.

Before I understood, her eyes smiled down

and I trusted her, the only love I knew.

She held me up, when I might fall,

She pushed me forward when I was afraid,

She scolded me when I was naughty

She laughed with me, and cared for me all my days

and didn’t judge me when I was wrong.

She was the sticking plaster in our crazy family.

And now I am an orphan, grown up at last.

No more, my Mum to hold my hand,

Just the gift she left me, – my life!

For her, I’ll try to live it worthily,

So that all she gave, won’t be in vain.

May I never forget, or cease to love,

the memory of, my lovely, loving Mum.


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