Keep on giving if you can.

Yesterday has flown, whoosh, gone,

What happened? I have no idea.

I won’t see my yesterday again

Was it wasted? Far away, yet near?

Today will soon be yesterday,

time ticks faster still.

Yet what? I ask, makes this day differ

for others’ good or ill?

My clock has not so far to go

My spring is all but sprung its last

I ask only that I have the wit

To wind a gentle deed or make a happy cast.

Don’t smugly, backward look,

Today’s the day for deeds

Time nor tide don’t hold me back

Not for myself, but for a stranger’s needs.

I’ve received much love, I’ve spent such joy,

round the world I’ve travelled.

My strength today, it ebbs away

But still in all I marvel.

So last of all, I’ll make an effort

One day, well spent at last.

For someone, somewhere, I don’t know who,

Just to make them happy.


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