Touch – a poem




Can you feel me touching you

I’m just a hundred miles away.

My fingers caress your cheek

feeling the silken magic of your beauty.

Imagine your hand as mine;

feel me; run my finger across your lips,
tenderly, shhh,  tenderly like a butterfly.

Run your, my, fingers through your hair

relax and share the thrill I feel

as I traverse your temples and

warmly coddle your earlobes in my hands

Close your eyes, and take my hand

and rub softly the nape of your neck

Let me kneed your breasts and feel you breathe.

Breathe and share my air, inhale the feel of me.

Lay down and let me touch you everywhere,

till you can dream deep in your being

that we touch each other, not once but for ever,

even when we are gone, the touch goes on.


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