How far? The promised Land.


An army of the loved ones, roll defeated to the sea

The winter monster not the tourist dream

But Nature’s bile tossing little boats and people

Into the Ice cold, breath grabbing sea and

Little children scream and swallow the cold green water

And vomit their lives away in terrified bleak loneliness

Others freeze to death. Oh! How far the Promised Land?



Defeated by hate, by fear and misery

Kids numbly lost, mums with sons and dads alone

In desperation clasp at hands not there,

Where who knows? Drowned or torn away

by bullet, bomb, or some barbarity

But land at last and rescuers brave and kind

How close the Promised Land?


From home where once a family lived as one,

where fear reigns and bombs rain down.

A loaf of bread was all we wanted

but now my son, he’s dead

Up sticks; cum’on, we can make it to the Promised Land

Mums with fatherless sons, children all alone

Strike out, to raw hostility,

How far the Promised Land?


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